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About the State Library (NEW): About the State Library

About the
State Library

The Nevada State Library (NSL) is one of twelve divisions of the State  Department of Administration, and is led by state librarian, Jeff Kintop, and deputy state librarian, Tammy Westergard. Primarily focused on providing internal support to state of Nevada agencies and employees, we also serve Nevada’s academic, school, public, and special libraries in addition to residents of the Silver State.

The library is the last, best free place where all citizens can go to level up their skills. The state library has a vast collection of primary source materials which are frequently used in education, scholarly research, and business. It includes diaries, maps, letters, memoirs, photos, and government records.


In an age where economics, education, health, social opportunities, and civic engagement rely on access to quality information, the library is the on-ramp to education.