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Talking Books: Contacts

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Image of a Mountain Bluebird
Mountain Bluebird
Sialia currucoides
Nevada State Bird

Talking Book Services
Main number (775) 684-3354
In-state toll free number (800) 922-9334
Fax (775) 684-3355
General email

Tammy Westergard, assistant administrator, Library & Development (775) 684-3306
Hope Williams, Talking Books librarian (775) 684-3381
Sam Arnn, circulation library assistant (775) 684-3382
Eve Davis, new patron library assistant (775) 684-3383
Zoleinna Schar, machine room assistant (775) 684-3354
Jeannette Trocinski, circulation assistant (775) 684-3354
Connie Corley, audio production editor (775) 684-3380
Brett Silver, Las Vegas library technician, outreach (702) 486-3737
Colin Miller, Las Vegas outreach assistant (775) 486-3736