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Welcome to Imaging & Preservation Services
100 N. Stewart St.       Carson City, NV       (775) 684-3360
Hours:       Monday - Friday         8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Closed daily for lunch   12:00 - 1:00 pm
Closed on weekends and state holidays

Imaging and Preservation Services (IPS) is a full scanning and microfilming service bureau for Nevada state agencies, local, and municipal governments, and the Legislative and Judicial branches. We provide a full range of document services, including conversion from paper to microfilm or digital images, conversion from digital images to microfilm, and conversion from microfilm to digital images services.

IPS performs high-quality scanning of essential government documents at a fraction of costs it would take to develop an in-house program. We provide document management project consultations, including on-site surveys and recommendations for appropriate conversion media, that can increase the efficiencies and cost-effectiveness of your records management processes.

We can migrate your records to several different media--including microfilm, microfiche, CDs and DVDs. Full-color, customized labels for the CDs and DVDs can be printed directly onto the media.

Since documents scanned in our facility never leave the control of the state, we provide a higher level of confidentiality and security for the documents filmed or electronically imaged than would be available through a private vendor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In today’s highly computerized and technology-driven offices, there is still a place for microfilm. Microfilming offers the advantages of space savings, security, and reliable preservation. No matter how technology changes, microfilm remains one of the most cost effective formats for the long-term storage of valuable records.

Agencies may convert official State records from their original paper or digital format to microfilm and dispose of the originals. The microfilmed copy will have the same force and effect as the original and shall be treated as the original in admissibility as evidence NRS 239.051.1

Because microfilm has advantages as well as disadvantages over other methods of retaining records, careful analysis must be made to determine whether or not an agency should convert its paper record to microfilm.

Which records should be microfilmed?

  • Permanent records or records which must be retained for longer than twenty years should be filmed because it is the most cost-effective way to store the information. Space savings of up to 98% can be realized if microfilm is stored instead of paper. The cost of storing paper in a records center balances the cost of filming after approximately twenty years. Storing paper in an office setting (which is very expensive) would justify the cost of filming well before the twenty-year mark.
  • Permanent or long-term valuable records should be filmed and the security microfilm copies stored off-site to guarantee that if fire, flood, or other disaster strikes an agency’s offices, its recorded information will not be lost. NAC 239.755.3
  • Permanent or long-term valuable records retained on fragile media or on media that is subject to obsolescence should be filmed to assure media quality and stability for preservation. Microfilm is recognized as very durable media for permanent records, with an estimated lifespan of 500+ years when stored in the proper environment.

Microfilming Requirements

  • The Agency-specific Records Retention and Disposition Schedule identifies the record series that should be microfilmed.
  • All microfilming of State records shall comply with the standards of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) as identified in NAC 239.763.4
  • Price schedules and other information relating to microfilm services can be obtained from Imaging & Preservation Services. 775-684-3420.

Microfilming Policy

IPS is for use by Nevada state agencies, local and municipal governments, and the legislative and judicial branches. We are not open to the general public or other outside businesses/agencies.

We provide a full range of document services, including conversion from paper to microfilm or digital images, from digital images to microfilm, and from microfilm to digital images services. If you have a specific or specialty service in mind, please contact us. We will accommodate you if we can!

There is no direct cost to state agencies that are under State Wide Cost Allocation Program (SWCAP). Local and other agencies can contact IPS for a quote as project costs vary.

If you have any questions, please contact us.