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State Records Services: Quick Reference

Quick Reference
Where to find information about Nevada Records

Reference books on a shelf

Documenting, collecting, and preserving the statutes of the state since 1864, Nevada State Library, Archives & Public Records, 100 N. Stewart St., Carson City, NV


Abolition or Disbanding of a State Agency

Records: NAC 239.750, SAM 0422

Archival and Historical Records

NRS 239.090, NRS 378.250
Custodian of Records
NRS 52.260  See also: Records Officer

Confidential Records
NRS INDEX: See “Confidential and Privileged Informa- tion”
NAC INDEX: See “Confidential Information”

Confidential Records, Disposal of:

Executive Branch NAC 239.722 Local Government NAC 239.165


Record NRS 52.260 (6)(c)
Public record: NRS 52.085, NRS 52.265, NRS 239.010
Official state record: NRS 239.080, NAC 239.705 Ancient document: NRS 52.095
Foreign public document: NRS 52.115
Certified copies of public records: NRS 52.125, NRS 52.165, NRS 52.247, NRS 52.260

Disposal of Public Records

Official State Records NRS 239.080
Local Government Records NRS 239.124, NAC 239.155

Electronic Records, Defined

NRS 52.247, NRS 52.260(6)(c), NRS 239.010,
NRS 239.080, NAC 239.035, NAC 239.705

Electronic Records, Treatment of

NAC 239.699(4)

Imaging of Records

NRS 239.051SAM 0408.0

Micrographics and Imaging

SAM 2052

Minutes of Public Bodies

NRS 241.035, NAC 239.850, SAM 0416


State Library: Nevada Law Library:


Defined, Local Government NAC 239.051 Defined, State Agency NAC 239.705(2) Destruction, State Agency, NAC 239.711

Personal Information

Defined, NRS 205.4617, NRS 603A.040
Social Security Numbers, Confidential NRS 239B.030
Databases, Confidential NRS 239B.040

Seal of the State of Nevada

Records Management Program, Requirements

Executive Branch NRS 239.080, NAC 239.696-.699, NRS 378.255, NRS 378.280(1), SAM 0402
Board of Regents: NAC 239.745, SAM 0414 NDOT: NRS 239.085, NRS 378.280(2)
Local Government: NRS 239.121-.125, NAC 239.145

Records Officer

NAC 239.670, NAC 239.700, SAM 0402

Records Official

NRS 239.008

Records Retention and Disposition Schedules

State Agencies: NRS 239.080, NRS 239.085,
NRS 239.125, NAC 239.711-.722
Local Governments: NRS 239.125, NAC 239.145,
NAC 239.155

Records Storage Facilities

State Records Center NRS 378.255
Standards NAC 239.740
Off-site storage permission NAC 239.740, NAC 239.705

State Historical Records Advisory Board (SHRAB)

NRS 378A

Unauthorized Destruction of Records

NRS 205.473 to 205.492, NRS 239.080,
NRS 239.125, NRS 239.300-.330,
NRS 281.180-.190, NRS 603.080-.090

Vital Records Protection

NRS 378.255, NAC 239.699, NAC 239.700