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State Records Services: State Records Retention Schedules

Retention Schedule 
If a record does not have a retention schedule it must be kept indefinitely. 

State Records Retention Schedules

Disposition Statements

Destroy: unsecured destruction, to delete or recycle records that do not contain confidential information.
Destroy Securely: secured destruction, to destroy in such a manner that the records cannot be reconstructed
Permanent: transfer to the State Archives

To make a new retention schedule or update an existing one, click here.

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General Records Retention Schedule

Constitutional Officers Retention Schedules 

Air National Guard
Army National Guard
Economic Development
Energy Office
Governor's Finance Office - Audit
Governor's Finance Office - Budget
Nuclear Projects

Lt. Governor's Office

Office of the Attorney General

Office of the Controller

Commercial Recordings
Domestic Partnership Program
Elections Division
Notaries Division
Securities Division

Millennium Scholarship
Prepaid Tuition
Unclaimed Property

Independent Boards and Commissions Retention Schedules

The retention schedules below are of all the Independent Board, Commissions, Committees and Authorities in the State of Nevada

Accountancy Board          
Alcohol, Drug & Gambling Counselors Board
Barbers Board
Charter School Authority
Colorado River Commission
Contractors Board
Cosmetology Board
Deferred Compensation Committee

Ethics Commission
Funeral Board & Cemetery Services
Gaming Commission
Gaming Control Board, Administrative Division
Gaming Control Board, Audit Division
Gaming Control Board, Corporate Securities Section
Gaming Control Board, Enforcement Division
Gaming Control Board, Investigations Division
Gaming Control Board, Tax & License Division
Gaming Control Board, Technology Division

Indigent Persons, Board of Trustees for the Fund for Hospital Care
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board

Medical Examiners
Mineral Resources
Nursing Board
Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission
Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission, Basic Training
Pharmacy Board
Postsecondary Education Commission
Private Investigator Licensing Board
Public Employees Benefit Program
Public Employees' Retirement System, Information Services
Public Employees' Retirement System, Police and Firefighters' Retirement Fund Advisory Committee
Public Employees' Retirement System, Accounting
Public Employees' Retirement System, Audit
Public Employees' Retirement System, Benefits
Public Employees' Retirement System, Executive
Public Employees' Retirement System, Investments
Public Employees' Retirement System, Membership
Public Utilities Commission of Nevada

Rocky Mountain Low-Level Radioactive Waste Board

Veterinary Board
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

Executive Branch Departments Retention Schedules:

Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS)         
Fleet Services
Hearing and Appeals
Human Resource Management: Catastrophic Leave

Human Resource Management: Central Payroll

Human Resource Management: Central Records
Human Resource Management: Compensation, Classification Recruitment
Human Resource Management: Employee Management Services
Human Resource Management: Merit Board
Nevada State Library Archives & Public Records (NSLA): Archives and Records Management
Nevada State Library Archives & Public Records: Library Development
Nevada State Library Archives & Public Records (NSLA): Library Services
Nevada State Library Archives & Public Records (NSLA): Literacy
Nevada State Library Archives & Public Records (NSLA): State Mail Services
Public Works
Public Works, Buildings and Grounds (B&G)
Purchasing Division
Risk Management
Victims of Crime

Animal Industry Division
Consumer Equitability Division
Food and Nutrition Division
Dairy Commission
Livestock Identification
Plant Industry Division

Athletic Commission
Attorney for Injured Workers
Bond Program
Director, Legal Counsel
Financial Institutions
Housing Division
Industrial Insurance Regulation
Industrial Relations, Mine Safety and Training
Industrial Relations, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
Industrial Relations, Safety Consultation and Training Section
Insurance Division
Insurance Division, Legal and Enforcement
Labor Commissioner
Local Government Employee Management Relations Board
Manufactured Housing
Mortgage Lending Division
Real Estate Division
Taxi Cab Authority
Taxi Cab Authority, Hearings
Taxi Cab Authority, Licensing
Transportation Authority

Conservation Districts Program
Director's Office, Administrative Services
Environmental Protection, Air Pollution Control
Environmental Protection, Air Quality Control
Environmental Protection, Bureau of Industrial Site Cleanup
Environmental Protection, Bureau of Mining Regulation and Reclamation
Environmental Protection, Bureau of Safe Drinking Water
Environmental Protection, Bureau of Waste Management
Environmental Protection, Bureau of Water Pollution Control
Environmental Protection, Bureau of Water Quality Planning
Environmental Protection, Corrective Action
Environmental Protection, Federal Facilities
Financing Water Projects Board
Forestry Division
State Historic Preservation Office
State Lands
State Parks

Critical Incident Review Committee
Human Resources
Inspector General
Medical Division
Offender Management Division
Operations Division
Prison Industries
Support Services, Inmate Services

Business Support Services and Audits        
Career, Technical and Adult Education  
Charter Schools
Child Nutrition
Deputy Superintendent
Educator Licensure
Elementary and Secondary Education
Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEARUP)
Office of School Improvement
Private Schools
Special Education

Administrative Services Division
Appeals Office
Career Enhancements
Client Assistance
Disability Adjudication
Equal Rights Commission
Services to the Blind
Unemployment Insurance
Vocational Rehabilitation
Workforce Investment Support Services

Aging & Disability Services
Aging & Disability Services - Disability Programs
Child & Family Services, Child Care Facilities
Child & Family Services Division
Child & Family Services, ICPC Program
Child & Family Services, Juvenile Correction Facilities
Child & Family Services, Youth Parole Bureau
Directors Office, Consumer Health Assistance Program
Directors Office, IDEA Program
Healthcare and Finance Policy Division
Public & Behavioral Health, Family Health Services
Public & Behavioral Health, Health Care Quality & Compliance
Public & Behavioral Health, Health Statistics, Planning, Epidemiology & Response
Public & Behavioral Health, Public Health & Clinical Services
Public & Behavioral Health, Child & Family Community Wellness
Public & Behavioral Health, EMC Licensing
Public & Behavioral Health, Medical Marijuana Program
Public & Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Commission on Behavioral Health
Public & Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Community Program for Mental Health
Public & Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Community Training Center Program
Public & Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Domestic Violence
Public & Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Lakes Crossing Center
Public & Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Residential Placement Fund
Public & Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment
Public & Behavioral Health, Statewide Cancer Registry
Public Defender
Welfare & Supportive Services Division, Administrative Services
Welfare & Supportive Services Division, Child Support Enforcement Program
Welfare & Supportive Services Division, Eligibility & Payments
Welfare & Supportive Services Division, Energy Assistance Program
Welfare & Supportive Services Division, Program & Field Operations
Welfare & Supportive Services Division, Quality Control
Welfare & Supportive Services Division, Welfare Information Systems

Administrative Hearing Office
Administrative Services Division
Central Services Division
Compliance Enforcement Division
Field Services
Information Technology
Motor Carrier Division

Emergency Response, Homeland Security Division
Fire Marshal Division  
Highway Patrol
Investigations Division
Pardons Commissioners, State Board of
Parole and Probation
Parole Commissioners, State Board of
Professional Responsibility Office
Records, Communication & Compliance Division

Administrative Division
Audit Division
Local Government Services Division
Revenue Division

Arts Council
Cultural Affairs Commission
Indian Commission
Museums & History
Tourism Division

Please contact NDOTs Records Management program for more information. 775-888-7000

Veterans Nursing Home
Veterans Services Office

Enforcement Division
Operations Division

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