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Welcome to Nevada State Records

100 N. Stewart St.       Carson City, NV       (775) 684-3411
Hours:       Monday - Friday         8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Closed daily for lunch   12:00 - 1:00 pm
Closed on weekends and state holidays

Nevada State Records serves as the primary records management resource for the State of Nevada and provides professional consultation and leadership on records management issues to state agencies and local governments. We provide support by creating and revising records retention schedules and teaching records management best practices to ensure that state government agencies remain efficient and transparent.*

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* Records Management program, requirements Executive Branch NRS 239.080, NAC 239.696-.699, NRS 378.255, NRS, 378.280(1), SAM 0402 Board of Regents: NAC 239.745, SAM 0414 NDOT: NRS 239.085, NRS 378.280(2) Local Government: NRS 239.121-.125, NAC 239.145


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What Does State Records Do?

State Records services are available to all Nevada State government agencies. We provide guidance on a full range of records management issues and services, including training, consulting, retention schedules, state records committee meetings, local government records management, and records storage.

State Records staff provide training and consulting services to state agency records officials, local government records officers, and other government staff in all aspects of records and information management. The mission of the State Records training program is to provide foundational records management training to state agencies and local governments. Face-to-face sessions are designed to assist agency heads, elected officials, records officers and other staff establish and administer efficient records management programs.

Our records analysts provide consulting services by phone and mail and, if they can be arranged, through on-site visits for all state agencies and local governments. Please check the Contact list to determine the records analyst assigned to your records, or for general questions, send an email to or call 775-684-3411.

The Records Retention Schedules may be revised periodically to include a newly created record series, to change retention periods, or to delete a record series no longer useful. Records Management welcomes all comments and suggestions concerned with improving the Records Retention Schedules. Appropriate approval procedures must be followed and completed before any revisions become effective.

The Committee to Approve Schedules for the Retention and Disposition of Official State Records (known as the State Records Committee) was established in statute in 1993, NRS 239.073 et seq., to approve the retention and disposition of official state records for all state agencies. An official state record may be disposed of only in accordance with a schedule for retention and disposition which is approved by this Committee.

Records management services are extended to all local governmental entities in Nevada. These services are intended to provide guidance on a full range of records management issues and services.

All Executive Branch agencies may use the services of the State Records Center. The State Records Center is responsible for the storage and control of agency records that are inactive and the retention period has begun. What is the State Records Center? The State Records Center is a facility designed for the low-cost temporary storage of inactive records, pending their final disposition. Who can use the State Records Center? The State Records Center stores inactive records for Nevada executive branch agencies, boards and commissions.

Have questions? Feel free to contact us.

Why Use the State Records Center?

State Records offers FREE records storage for all executive branch departments, boards, commissions and authorities of the State of Nevada. 

The State Records storage facility is a secure (key card access only), temperature controlled, fireproof storage facility that meets all the requirements set by the state (AUTHORITY?) to house official state records.

We use a web-based module for processing all storage requests, as well as fulfilling records requests. This is at no cost to our users.

Thanks to this web module, researching records is easy, fast, and efficient. Your records are stored in a database with itemized descriptions of files that are in your box(es). This allows for greater search accuracy.

We also offer cost savings in the form of disposition fulfillment. When a records disposition is due to be destroyed or transferred to State Archives, our department provides this service at no cost to your agency. 

State Records services are FREE to other state agencies.

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