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Public Library Toolbox (NEW): Nevada Library Governance & Public Library Trustees


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Nevada Library Governance & Public Library Trustees

Congratulations on your appointment to serve as a public library trustee for your community! You are to be commended for your interest and involvement. Your active participation is needed to help Nevada public libraries grow stronger and increase services to meet the informational, educational and recreational needs of the people of Nevada.

We have provided free training modules with basic information and practice and can also be used as a quick reference for helping you do your job in an efficient, effective manner. Think of it as a map by which you can explore the opportunities, responsibilities, and liabilities of serving as a public library trustee.

All public library boards are bound by a variety of laws that govern their policies and operating procedures. A good place to start is Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) Chapter 379, Public Libraries.

While all Nevada public libraries share legal authority described in NRS, each library serves the unique needs of the local community. Please use this training to develop your individual role and participation as a public library trustee.

As you begin your Trustee responsibilities, take time for this short video documenting a year in the life of Nevada Libraries.