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Welcome to Nevada History Resources

Video courtesy of the Nevada Museum of Art

The Nevada History website is a collaboration of the State Library and State Archives. We have combined our resources here.

Nevada has a long, rich history, spanning from the prehistoric Lake Lahontan, to the Native American tribes that settled in the area thousands of years ago, to the coming of the first European-Americans in the mid-19th century. While our Nevada-centric collection has bits from every historical epoch, our collection is largely focused on records pertaining to the state government. However, we do contain information unrelated to the state government--family history resources, historic photographs, state politics, historic newspaper microfilm, and a collection of Nevada mythology. Please poke around and explore our collection. An external resources page is provided to assist you in your search in the event that the State Library & Archives does not have what you are looking for. 

Many of our records have been digitized and are available on our Digital Collections website.

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