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Workforce Development (NEW): About Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Video courtesy of Workforce Connections


Public libraries have been active supporters of workforce development in their communities - from offering free computer and internet access, training on digital skills and resume writing, online learning, and small business resources, and more recently career exploration through STEM programming and maker-spaces. With this in mind, the State Library and Workforce Connections have teamed up to implement the Nevada Career Explorer powered by Headed2! The Career Explorer is a place to find not just a job, but a career you’ll love. Explore over 900 careers, countless educational and certification opportunities, or learn more about yourself and the careers made for you by taking a self-assessment. All you need is a free library card!


Ready to begin exploring your career possibilities? Visit!


At a glance...

  • Who? Workforce development is for everyone--from high school students looking to establish a career trajectory to those looking to switch career paths later in life.
  • What? The Nevada State Library, Nevada Workforce Connections, and Headed2 have joined forces to deploy workforce development and training programs focused on helping Nevadans achieve the next level in economic success--all you need is a free library card!
  • When? We are up and running in Clark County! Stop by one of the participation libraries tro find out more.
  • Where? Currently, there are 9 locations at libraries in southern Nevada--but this is only the beginning! Keep an eye out for the expansion of this project in a library near you.
  • Why? Nevada is in need of a strong, dynamic workforce. By combining efforts, Nevada Career Explorer and libraries are able to provide one-stop hubs where all Nevadans, regardless of age or skill-level, can come to improve their lives.